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Victim Services
Message From the County Attorney
If you have been the victim of or a witness to a crime, you may be unsure as to steps involved in the criminal justice system. This Victims and Witness brochure has been prepared to help familiarize you with that system.

As a witness you are the most important person in the criminal prosecution. My staff and I appreciate your willingness to testify, for we realize that without your cooperation it would be impossible to prosecute those people who have committed crimes.

I strongly support the rights of victims and witnesses. My staff and I are committed to assisting you through the stages in the criminal justice system. We are here to serve you.

Amy K. Beavers
County Attorney Des Moines County, Iowa

Iowa Victim Information & Notification Services
This service allows victims to inquire on the custody status of an offender. For information on the custody status of an offender, contact the Iowa Victim Information & Notification Service at (888) 742-8463 or visit the Iowa Victim Information and Notification Service website.

Additional information can be found on the link to the website above or in the
IowaVINE Informational Brochure.

Crime Victim Compensation Program
The Crime Victim Compensation Program provides help to victims who have suffered personal injury from a violent crime, and helps the victims with out-of-pocket expenses related to these injuries. The program is entirely funded by fines or penalties paid by criminals.

Additional Crime Victim Compensation Resources