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Civil Department
The Civil Division is in charge of processing & serving civil papers. These include original notices (small claims), evictions, subpoenas, orders, wage garnishments, levies, writ of attachments, sheriff sales, and condemnations, etc. 

Civil Fees
Advance fees may be needed prior to service of papers. The chart below may be helpful in determining an estimated advance fee, or you can contact our office at the number listed below(.54 per mile).

  One person Two people Subpoenas
Burlington area $33.16 $53.16 $38.16
West Burlington area $36.40 $56.40 $41.40
Middletown area $41.80 $61.80 $46.80
Danville area $45.04 $65.04 $50.04
Mediapolis area $47.20 $67.20 $52.20
Yarmouth/Augusta area $60.16 $80.16 $65.16

Notary Fee                        $5.00

(Effective 07/01/17) This chart is based only on 1 trip to a residence. Mileage may vary depending on the number of trips made to a residence and/or employment. Fees are subject to change without notice.
Process Fee/Diligent $30 plus mileage

Please advise this office with a current address and employment. We will only serve at an employment once a home address has been attempted and unable to locate that person there.

Eviction Process

A 3-day or 30-day notice must be served upon the tenant. Our department does not serve this notice. After the 3 or 30 days is up, then the landlord must file for a "Forcible Entry and Detainer" through the Associate Court at the Des Moines County Courthouse. This will set up a court date for both the landlord and the tenant to appear at. Our office can serve this paper. At the hearing it is decided through the courts if a judgment entry will be made against the defendant (tenant) or not. If so, then a writ of removal and possession will be issued by the courts. This must be served by our office in order for the plaintiff (landlord) to have possession back of the residence.