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Departments I-Z
Information Technology
Learn about the Information Technology department, including responsibilities, current projects, and more pertaining to the County computer and technology systems.

Land Use
Read about the duties and responsibilities of the land use administrator.

Mental Health Disability Services (MH/DS)
Get information about the Central Point of Coordination for Des Moines County Iowa.

Public Health
Check out the various functions of the Public Health Department.

Learn about the County Recorder and the many documents this office is responsible for maintaining.

Look over the responsibilities and duties of the Roads Department including the safety and quality of roads, maintenance and construction on road and bridge projects, and more.

View the ways that the Des Moines County Sheriff's Department keeps the county peaceful and safe for residents and businesses.

See how the County Treasurer's Office helps to collect taxes, invest county funds, apportion tax dollars, hold tax sales, and more.

Veterans Affairs
Examine how our office helps veterans and their families with assistance and support throughout Des Moines County.